Photographic reproduction


This service is performed both on bidimensional works (paintings, engravings, etc.) and on tridimensional works (sculptures, objects, etc.). The photos can be made in our studio or in other pre-established spaces. Furthermore, we are shooting the works that are part of a special context in their natural setting. The works of art are individually treated, by using a specific lighting setup in order to create a reproduction of their colours and structures as faithful as possible.

Artistic events


The photographic documentation within this category is recommended for event openings and for other similar types. The focus is centered on the atmosphere and on the magnitude of the openings, on the interaction between public and works together with the expositional space. These photos can be used for promotion and press releases, because they capture the reality of the event without benefiting from an anterior directing.

Video Services


Videos are being made through high level equipment to satisfy the most demanding needs of our clients. The video documentation that we offer is destined to works of art that are non-permanent (installations, performance, etc.), to expositional spaces and to artistic events. Sometimes, video recordings may become works themselves and they can become the unique proofs that persist in time. The video documentation of events with artistic features registers their magnitude and atmosphere.

Expositional spaces


By shooting the expositional spaces we capture the curator's vision through the works arrangement within space and the works are highlighted in relation with the environment in which they are exposed. Whether is an open or an enclosed space, the way of shooting is subordinated to the curatorial and artistic vision of the author.